Threats Facing the Architectural Heritage in Moscow

Threats Facing the Architectural Heritage in Moscow

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October 5, 2010 / 5.00 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Talk with the journalist and specialist in Russian culture Edmund Harris took place in the Center for Urban History.

In the light of the recent departure of Mayor Yury Luzhkov, Edmund Harris, a trustee of the Moscow Architecture Preservation Society who was resident in the city for nearly six years, talked about his work campaigning against the demolition of the city's built heritage. In his illustrated lecture, Edmund talked about the threats facing the city's historic buildings, important cases such as Detsky Mir and Narkomfin, the emergence of the conservation movement and his work on two joint reports with SAVE Europe's Heritage which brought the city's plight to international prominence.

More information about MAPS and their reports you may find here:

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Edmund Harris

is a Cambridge-trained Russianist who has been a Moscow resident since 2003. He is a trustee of MAPS and was involved in setting up the organisation in 2004 with Clementine Cecil and Kevin O’Flynn.


Сover Image: Tverskaya Street. Two-story trolleybus made in Yaroslavl, Moscow, 1930s