A Jewish Wine Merchant in the 18th Century Lviv

A Jewish Wine Merchant in the 18th Century Lviv

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Gershon David Hundert

McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

June 11, 2013

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Based on newly discovered material, the lecture presented some aspects of Dov Ber Birkenthal's reactions to the events of his time. Birkenthal, born in Bolekhiv, spent most of his life in Lviv as a wine merchant. Some of his writings have been known for a long time, but new material has come to light in the past year. Birkenthal, who had learned Polish, German, a little Latin and some French, often used his knowledge of languages in the service of the Jewish community, most famously as the translator to Polish of Rabbi Hayyim Rapoport’s responses in 1759 to the charges of the Frankists that Jews used Christian blood in their rituals.


Сover Image: Rabbi Mayer Hirsch at the winches with kosher wine (Stany Zjednoczone,1930s)