Being CULTURal – is cool!

Being CULTURal – is cool!

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September 2010 / 5.00 pm

Grand session hall of the Lviv City Council (Rynok square, 1)

Lviv City Council’s large session hall, a meeting and presentation of the council’s administration of culture took place.

The meeting was conducted by: Andryi Voronovskyi – the culture administration head, who discussed the principle direction of his division’s work; Halyna Bordun – director of the program "Pershyi Kariernyi Krok," who presented the project "II Koncurs Studentskyh Proyektiv"; Taiicia Bushmel – advisor to the mayor related to issues regarding the preservation of cultural heritage; Yaroslav Fedoryshyn – director of the religious theatre "Voskresinniya" and coordinator of the "Zolotyi Lev" festival; Bohdan Shumylovych  –  coordinator of exposition projects for the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe; Natalia Bibka  – organizer of the project "Multicenter ‘Fleshka’" in Lviv’s children’s library system; Yuliya Khomchyn – head of the advertising division of the "Dzyga" art organization; Rostyslav Parenko – representative of the citizens’ initiative for the preservation of architectural monuments "Vriatuvaty Mercuria."

Within the framework of the meeting, Shumylovych gave a presentation about the Center for Urban History. He also discussed the institute’s main research directions and the socio-cultural projects the Center is organizing or working on in conjunction with other educational and civic groups, with the goal of bettering the city’s development.

Those present learned about:

  • why Lviv has been designated Ukraine’s cultural capital;
  • the current state of affairs and prospects for developing the city’s cultural environment;
  • the work of the Lviv City Council’s administration of culture;
  • the large cultural events that take place in Lviv;
  • the city’s cultural and artistic organizations;
  • how to become a part of the group that creates the cultural politics of the city.