Art Gallery Lenin

Art Gallery Lenin

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November 3, 2014 / 6.00 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Natalia Lobach spoke about the activity of Art Gallery Lenin in Zaporizhia.

It was founded by Yuriy Barannik in 2006 as an open platform for experimental art. Art in the broadest sense: since then it has hosted over 300 events – exhibitions, concerts, lectures, readings, and discussions – everything that can bring a post-Soviet industrial city resident out of the state of distrust. Everything that can overcome a rooted stereotyped perception of culture. Since 2008 the gallery has held an annual national land art project called Khortytsya – a festival of contemporary living art of the environment. Since 2010 it has held the project "Week of Constructivism," which teaches the locals about the unique architecture of the avant-garde era.

In 2014 the gallery helped launch the Public Cultural TV of Zaporizhia.

Natalia Lobach

is a philologist. She has been working with the gallery since 2010 as an art manager, designer, and artist. She is responsible for establishing a dialogue between visitors and art. She is the curator of the projects “Week of Constructivism” and “Artists Write.” She is a member of the volunteer theater Pokazhu (I’ll Show You), a member of the Assembly of Cultural Workers of Zaporizhia.


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