About Urban Maps Digital

Urban Maps Digital (UMD) focuses on creating digital images of historic maps of cities and towns of East Central Europe, while accenting those objects that were lost or changed their appearance or function.

The project highlights old city maps as a separate research object. This opens up new perspectives for researching the city through the prism of multiple layers of history, reflected on the maps from different periods.

The use of digital technology and programming means grant a new perspective of old urban maps.

To better understand the structure and logic of UMD's functioning, you are referred to a detailed description of the system.

All digitized materials are part of the library of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe.

The Urban Maps Digital project employs Google© Maps – a tool that includes maps of many places of the globe, and offers many important functions, such as: zoom in/zoom out, place markers on the map, load additional information windows, etc.

At this point, our top priority is working with maps of Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.