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Broadbent, Philip, Hake, Sabine (eds.) Berlin Divided City, 1945-1989
Call #: UHDE.06303.BK
Published: New York, Oxford, Berghahn Books, 2012
Borneman, John Belonging in the Two Berlins: Kin, State, Nation
Call #: UHDE.06252.RE
Published: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1992
Diefendorf, Jeffry M., Ward, Janet (eds.) Transnationalism and the German City
Call #: UHDE.05971.BK
Published: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014
Kleßmann, Christoph (ed.) "Niemiecki Wschód": wyobrażenia - misja - dziedzictwo
Call #: UHDE.05817.BK
Published: Poznań, Wydawnictwo Nauka i Innowacje, 2014
Wieler, Ulrich Bauen aus der Not: Architektur und Städtebau in Thüringen 1945-1949
Call #: UHDE.05468.BK
Published: Wien, Böhlau-Verlag Gmbh, 2011
MacLean, Rory Berlin. Miasto z wyobraźni
Call #: UHDE.05217.BK
Published: Warszawa, Magnum, 2014
Maciuika, John V. Before the Bauhaus. Architecture, Politics and the German State, 1890-1920
Call #: UHDE.04587.BK
Published: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2008
Panayi, Panikos Life and Death in a German Town. Osnabrück from the Weimar Republic to World War II and Beyond
Call #: UHDE.04581.BK
Published: London, New York, Tauris Academic Studies, 2009
Mintzker, Yair The Defortification of the German City, 1689-1866
Call #: UHDE.04552.BK
Published: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2012
Kruse, Christiane Wer lebte wo in Berlin
Call #: UHDE.04496.BK
Published: Berlin, Prestel, 2008

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