Programming Historian in Ukrainian

Programming Historian in Ukrainian

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30.3.2023, 16:00

online / zoom

The use of digital tools of varying complexity is becoming an integral part of historical research: from processing and organizing digitized sources to historical mapping or network analysis.

A number of academic centers are developing tools and methodologies for their use in the humanities. Even though basic skills are typically sufficient for their service, there is a growing need for adapted teaching materials that will allow the application of these skills in the context of humanities and social sciences.

One of the most professional resources that try to meet this need is Programming Historian – a collection of peer-reviewed lessons that teach the use of digital tools in historical research. The resource offers materials in four languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French). In 2022, an initiative group was formed to create a Ukrainian version.

The idea is not only to translate ready-made lessons into Ukrainian. We also aim to adapt these instructional materials to the Ukrainian context and create new lessons.

We invite our colleagues to attend a seminar where we will present the idea of creating a Programming Historian in Ukrainian and drafts of the first three translated lessons:

  1. Дослідження та аналіз мережевих даних за допомогою Python (Exploring and Analyzing Network Data with Python) / original lesson / Translated by Orysia Vira and Hlib Solodzhuk
  2. Впровадження до Map Warper (Introduction to Map Warper)/ original lesson / Translated by Oleksandr Korman and Taras Nazaruk
  3. Початок роботи з / original lesson / Translated by Orysia Vira

It will be important for us to hear your opinion on the idea of adapting the lessons and discuss the specifics of translating the terminology, possible ways of sharing, and ways of using it. This will help us to better plan the next steps for creating the Ukrainian version of Programming Historian.

To join the seminar, send an e-mail to [email protected].


Cover image: from the Programming Historian website

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