Stories of Pidzamche

Stories of Pidzamche

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February 2018 will mark the beginning of yet another journey into the past of one of Lviv’s oldest districts. We will be guided by the people whose lives are tightly linked to Pidzamche – men and women living in the area as well as those who built their professional careers at local enterprises.

Tell Your Story is an art and research project initiated by the Jam Factory Art Center and taking place in several stages. The project seeks to discover and reflect on Pidzamche’s lost cultural codes as well as to understand the distinct professional profiles of people in what used to be one of the city’s major industrial districts. The project should result in an artistic product created based on the oral stories of Pidzamche’s residents for the purpose of projecting their memories of the past onto the present.

Interviewing and processing of visual materials will be carried out in February-March 2018 by the Jam Factory Art Center with the support of the Ukrainian Catholic University students majoring in sociology and cultural studies. Later the recorded stories will be archived into a separate collection and published on the webpage of the U Stories project. Sociological support will be provided by Natalia Otrishchenko.

For the meantime, have a look at the interactive map "Pidzamche: Spaces and Places" available on the Lviv Interactive webpage, go on a virtual tour of Pidzamche’s literary sites, and listen to the collection "The Search for Home in Postwar Lviv: The Experience of Pidzamche" put together in 2012.