Lviv: How to become a creative city

Lviv: How to become a creative city

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October 16-17 2008

The event aimed to work out a clear and shared vision of how culture can be used for regional advancement, as well as to lay a foundation fo racreative approach to the culture and development of the city which could be applied while creating a strategy for the development of the city.

To conduct the seminar, the British Council had supported the arrival to Lviv of François Matarasso, one of the best British experts in cultural policies and urban regeneration.

Experts from Lviv and other cities of Ukraine are invited to "Lviv: How to become a creative city" seminar.

The participants were divided into the target groups as follows:

  • managersofculturalorganizations, artists, musicians, theater experts, etc.
  • researchers of cultural policies and planners of the Lviv city's development
  • local and regional government officials
  • other people who are active in the field and interested in the progress of cultural policies and creative industries in Lviv

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François Matarasso

He is the leading expert in the culture of local communities, the writer, researcher and consultant. Francois Matarasso is an honorable professor of the Gray’s School of Art, the Robert Gordon University and a scholarship winner of the Clore Foundation in 2007-2008. From 1980 to 1994 he was involved in the art projects for local communities and producing, working for schools, hospitals, prisons and so-called bedroom communities. He is an expert with huge experience in visual arts, theater and city communities development. Since 1994 Francois Matarassohas been focused on research that creates new forms of cultural policies paying a special attention to the interaction of arts, cultural policies and ideas. He published a well-known research on the influence of those actively involved in culture on the formation of new approaches and art evaluation. Francois Matarasso has been lately developing art programs, advising organizations in cultural sphere and conducting trainings.

The seminar was organized by the "Shtuka" Lviv City Public Art and Creativity Group, marketing and culture professionals of the Culture and Tourism Department of the Lviv City Council, the British Council, the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe and the Center of Culture Management.

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Сover Image: V. Ivanova. Reunions Square / Urban media archive

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