(Re)making a Story: Creative Communities in Urban Space

(Re)making a Story: Creative Communities in Urban Space

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April 22, 2019

UMA team is inviting to participate in the one-day workshop on processing oral histories.

Personal memories are often embodied in certain locations. Some of these places vanished long time ago and live only in the memory, some experienced radical transformations, while the others are durable regardless of any changes and absorb increasingly more new stories. At the workshop, you are offered to discover the links between the stories and locations based on the example of one collection from Urban media achieve of the Center – "Creative Communities of Lviv." Few years ago we recorded interviews with persons who were directly involved in creative work and also acted during the period of 1980-90s. The project "Creative Communities of Soviet and Post-Soviet Lviv" tried to trace and show the informal space of the city (lived space) arising as an alternative to the formal one (and often within it) (perceived space) of culture and its representation (conceived space). We shall work with the selected interviews and use them to recreate the imaginary cultural landscape of Lviv.

The workshop will include two parts: theoretical and practical. During the first one, participants will listen to short lectures from the guest experts – Bohdan Shumylovych and Mariana Kuzemska-Danyliuk – on creative communities of Lviv of the late Soviet period and the present time. The second part will include the work with the interview transcripts and drafting of project concepts. The workshop will be concluded by presentations of the developments and their further discussion.

The workshop is open for application to students, junior researchers, tour guides, and everyone dealing with oral testimonies and interested in memory, space, and the city. To register, please, fill in a short form. The number of participants is limited. In case we receive over 15 applications, the selection will be competitive.

Participation is free of charge. Participants will be provided with coffee-breaks.

Working language: Ukrainian

About the experts:


coordinator of strategy making, research, and education at the “Institute of the Strategy of Culture” municipal company, assistant lecturer on the culture studies program at the UCU, culture manager; she obtained a Master’s degree in history from UCU (2011–13). Mariana participated in the East European Studies program at Warsaw University (2011–13); she was a coordinator of the working group on drafting the “Strategy for Development of Culture of Lviv 2025”, municipal company “City Institute” (2015–16), worked as manager of media projects at Drabyna Art Workshop and the Festival of Contemporary Drama “Drama.UA” (2012–14).

Bohdan Shumylovych 

project coordinator of Urban Media Archive. He received his Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary History at Central European University (2004–5), a diploma in History of Arts at Lviv Academy of Arts (1993–99), and studied at the faculty of project management at George Washington University (2001–2). He had been awarded with several grant programs and worked with the archives of visual arts at George Washington University and the archives of the Open Society Institute. In 2014, Bohdan received a grant from the European University Institute in Florence to do the research entitled “Mediascape of Lviv: late 1950s–80s”. The goal of the project is to study the interactions between the urban space, social practices, and the media in the period of the late socialism.

For more details, please, contact the coordinator of "Urban Stories" Natalia Otrishchenko [email protected].

The workshop is part of the [un]archiving program. It aims to promote collections of Urban Media Archive. We aspire to develop new approaches to archiving and present our collections from an unusual perspective. The activities of the series include group screenings and listening to visual, audio-visual, or audio works, and also offer to explore the materials collected by the Center that would combine popular formats and archival historical collections in the setting of free reflection and discussion.


Сover Image: "Vyvykh" Festival, from the collection of Liubomyr Petrenko / Urban media archive