Intricacy of Urban Space

Intricacy of Urban Space

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February 5-6, 2007

In cooperation with "Rethinking Social Time and Space", a regional seminar for excellence in teaching sponsored by the Open Society Institute, the Center held a two-day workshop entitled "Intricacy of Urban Space".

The 16 participants came from various regions of Ukraine as well as from other European countries. They were greeted in the library room by Ostap Sereda, the main organizer of the workshop, and Harald Binder, the founding director of the Center.

The program consisted of detailed presentations and follow-up discussions in which all of the participants took part. It was divided into the following four panels:

  1. People hit the streets – mass action in public spaces of modern cities;
  2. In the forest of symbols: monuments, buildings, and other sites of memory;
  3. Towards a new subjectivity? – Experiencing the modern city;
  4. Towards a new governmentality? – Policing and maintaining a modern city.


Сover Image: Celebration of the "Great October Socialist Revolution" on the streets of Pidhaitsi / Urban media archive