Home Movie Day

Home Movie Day

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October 8 -12, 2018

For the International Home Movie Day, the Urban Media Archive will traditionally open its doors to welcome visitors. Owners of private archives with home videos on 8mm and 16mm cinefilms have a unique chance to freely digitize them. During the week, welcome to bring your materials to the Center for Urban History, at 6 Bohomoltsia Street.

On October 19, 2018 at 6.00 pm, the Center’s conference-room will have a presentation of the materials digitized this year, film screenings, and their discussion.

It is the third time for the Urban Media Archive to celebrate the Home Movie Day. Over this time, we managed to collect and store many materials both from Lviv and also from other Ukrainian cities. The participants had a chance to restore their family memories and share them with their close ones. In addition, the rediscovered private archives of home videos presented materials for research and film production. Notably, the film "The Happy Years" produced by Svitlana Shymko and Halyna Yarmanova, was awarded in 2018 with a special prize at the Molodist Film Festival.

The Home Movie Day is a celebration of amateur videos and movies marked every October in many places in the world. The activities on the day enable individuals and families watching and sharing their home movies, seeing their neighbours, etc. It is a chance to learn why the movies should be taken care of and how one shall be doing it.

For more details on digitizing your home videos, contact at [email protected], or welcome to visit our office at 6 Bohomoltsia Street.

This project is supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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