The First Restoration Projects in Lviv in the 1860s: Individuals, Ideas, and Conflicts

The First Restoration Projects in Lviv in the 1860s: Individuals, Ideas, and Conflicts

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20.4.2024, 13:00

We invite you to join a city walk with the researcher of the history of architecture, Olha Zarechnyuk.

In 1864, when the conservator of ancient monuments Mieczysław Potocki decided to undertake the first restoration project in Lviv, people in the city believed that there was hardly any valuable architecture and art here. That is why the conservator strived to make existing objects, which were often sculptures, as visible and noticeable as possible in the city space, placing them on streets and squares. However, he did not have the money for this, nor did he have a clear vision of how to carry out these restorations.

The statue of Archangel Michael, alabaster monuments from the dungeon of the Dominican Church, and the removed coats of arms on the wall of the City Arsenal are well-known historical monuments today. In the mid-nineteenth century, their value was not obvious. What inspired the conservator to pay attention to these particular objects? Who else was involved? Why did these restorations cause conflicts and public criticism?

The walk will focus on these examples to highlight the emergence of the field of professional monument protection in Lviv and to tell about the difficulties of being a pioneer.

The duration of the city walk is 1.5 hours.

To participate, please register at the link or phone number +38 050 43 27 202 or +38 032 275 17 34. Once you've registered, we'll let you know about the meeting place.

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Olha Zarechnyuk

Architectural researcher, architectural editor of the “Interactive Lviv” project, author of architectural descriptions of houses, conducts city walks on architectural topics.


Cover Image: collage by Olha Zarechnyuk