Yevhen Horb

Yevhen Horb

independent researcher, historian

  • Research topic:
    Documenting Experiences of War
    April – September 2022
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Independent researcher, historian, translator. Over the past few years, he has been actively exploring the issues of creating Russian historical myths of the military history of Central and Eastern Europe of the 17th-19th centuries, which were built as a result of the domination of the Russian imperial and Soviet methodology in history. These developments resulted in two scientific monographs published in Poland during 2019-2021: Lwów-Jezierna. Kampania kozacko-moskiewska roku 1655. Zabrze – Tarnowskie Góry, 2019 (co-authored); Belgrad – Oczaków. Konfrontacja Imperium Osmańskiego z koalicją rosyjsko-austriacką w 1788 roku. Zabrze – Tarnowskie Góry, 2021. As of now, Yevhen has prepared the third monograph for publication, scheduled for 2022. Other current projects include the preparation and graphic processing of historical maps for a number of publications by Polish scholars, the translation and critical publication in Polish of classical military-historical works of Russian and Ukrainian scientists of the 19th – early 20th century (together with the Inforteditions publishing house).

Yevhen is a graduate of the Master's Program from Mariupol State University, majoring in History, and a post-graduate school of Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University, where at the Department of World History he worked on thesis research on: "The Activities of Political Parties in the Second Polish Commonwealth of the Period of Parliamentary Democracy (1918-1926)" (academic supervisor – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor V.A. Morhun). Author of more than 40 scientific publications in Ukrainian and Polish. He cooperates with the Polish-Ukrainian Information Portal as a journalist.

He works at the Center for Urban History as part of a scholarship in cooperation with the Institute of Human Sciences, dedicated to documenting the 2022 war of Russia against Ukraine.