Oleksandr Cheremisin

Oleksandr Cheremisin

Kherson State University

  • Research topic:
    The Chronicle of Kherson in the Dimensions of the Russian-Ukrainian War
    June - December 2023
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Doctor of History, Professor at the Department of History, Archeology and teaching methods at Kherson State University, where he is working on a monograph on the topic: "The Chronicle of Kherson in the Dimensions of the Russian-Ukrainian War."

Oleksandr studied history at Kherson State University. He received his doctoral degree at Zaporizhzhia National University. His thesis is devoted to the history of local self-government in the South of Ukraine in 1785-1917. Within the framework of the research project, the analysis of the following essential components is to be provided to fully uncover the essence of the research goal: a military operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to conduct defense actions; the daily life practices of Kherson residents who found themselves under occupation without the usual logistics chains of supplies in an environment of the militarization of urban spaces; the organization and course of civilian resistance in Kherson to the occupation troops; peculiarities of communication between civilians and armed military of the invading troops; transformation of the urban residential space through the security, adaptive and altruistic aspects; study of public opinion on the perception of the occupation of Kherson in other cities of Ukraine.

In Lviv, during the fellowship supported by the Körber-Stiftung Foundation, he worked on reconstructing the course of Kherson's city occupation based on oral sources and reflections on his personal stay in Kherson during the occupation.