Darya Tsymbaliuk

Darya Tsymbaliuk

University of St Andrews, United Kingdom

  • Research topic:
    ​Cities of Donbass in Oral and Visual Narratives of Internally Displaced Persons in Lviv
    September 2017 and in April 2018
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During her research residence, Daria conducted a number of interviews with persons who had displaced from Donbass to Lviv due to the start of military conflict. She will analyze the narratives of the interviews. In July, 2017, Daria graduated from the Erasmus Mundus Master’s program "Crossways in Cultural Narratives." Her home university was the University of St. Andrews (Scotland). Daria’s master’s research was on agency, meaning-making and displacement in the two interviews with the interviewees who had moved from the Donbass to Kyiv due to combat operations. During her stay on the residence, Daria continued to take a deeper insight into these topics and compared Lviv interviews with the materials she had already collected in Odessa and Kyiv.

On the basis of the field work done in September, Daria prepared a study to be presented in the Center in April. Lviv field work will also be used for writing her PhD thesis. Daria entered the studies at the University of St. Andrews to continue her research on oral history and narratives of the Donbass. She plans to start her studies in September 2018.

In addition to field work, Daria worked with the archives of the Center to research the history of cities and villages of the Donbass mentioned by her interviewees.