Anna Kaluher

Anna Kaluher

The Modern Art Research Institute

  • Research topic:
    Art Criticism in Ukraine in 2000-2020: historical representation in writings on art
    March – April 2022
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Anna Kaluher is an art critic and a researcher of history and theory of criticism in Ukraine. She had her works published in Art, Mediapart,, Bird in Flight, Korydor,, Your Art. A lecturer at the History of Art Department in Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University (2019-2022). The research and teaching interests include the art of Ukraine since the 1980s, philosophy of history since the 2000s, history of Ukrainian and Russian elites, art theory after the 1960s, methodology of the art history, and history of criticism in the 20th century. Editor of the "Art Criticism" chapter in the Text and Image: Essential Problems in Art History (2021-2022) magazine. Author of courses on history, theory, and practice of art criticism (Project Humanitarium, Method Fund), co-author of the "Glossary of Modern Art. Issue 1" (2021).

Thesis topic – "Art Criticism in Ukraine in 2000-2020: historical representation in writings on art". She works on an anthology of texts in the Ukrainian art criticism of 1990-2022, a collection of interviews with contemporary Ukrainian art critics. As a guest researcher at The Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna, she will work on the collection of essays on the history of Ukrainian art criticism since 2000 until the present.

At the Center for Urban History, she explored the Lviv-based criticism environment on the level of horizontal relations and continued a series of interviews with the Center's team. She worked with the project "Creative Communities in Soviet and post-Soviet Lviv" and "Art on the Edge" and with the collection of materials from the Urban Media Archive and the Center's library.