Alla Petrenko-Lysak

Alla Petrenko-Lysak

Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University

  • Research topic:
    War Сomes to Home: the Image of the Home at the Time of War
    April – September 2022
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Associate Professor at the Department of Sectoral Sociology of the Faculty of Sociology at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. Research focus includes the study of social space, cities, urban everyday life, and the latest spatial mobility. Co-author of the "Sociology" course of the "Kharkiv School of Architecture". Researcher in urban projects, supervisor of research practices (research partners include CEDOS, Agents of Change, Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Natalka Park NGO, YozhkaKultura NGO, MistoSad NGO). Within the research scope, Alla acted as an expert, lecturer, and speaker in urban projects and educational programs on urban development (in particular, the architectural competition from "SAGA", the architectural festival "CanAction", and "Ukrainian Urban Forum" and other urban and cultural events.

Alla is the author of scientific and popular texts on urban life, the author of the blog "city transition" ("Rubric" website), and a participant in a number of media projects and public discussions on social, urban, and cultural topics. She is the author of the manual "Social Space in the Interdisciplinary Dimension" which offers an analytical consideration of a wide variety of spaces, from physical to virtual, from the standpoint of various sciences such as sociology, psychology, cultural studies, philosophy, social geography. Co-author of the manual "How to explore public spaces in Ukraine: trends and methods" - sections "What are public spaces?" and "We study people", and methodological recommendations for conducting online public surveys in the planning of public spaces of the European Council Project "Promoting citizen participation in the democratic decision-making process in Ukraine".

Alla works at the Center for Urban History as part of a scholarship in cooperation with the Institute of Human Sciences. She participates in projects to document war experiences and she will also be engaged in educational initiatives.