Doors Open - How Do We Live, How Do Others Live?

Doors Open - How Do We Live, How Do Others Live?

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June - August 2010

Exhibition Hall, Center for Urban History

The traveling exhibition "Doors Open" was conceived by Swiss architects and curators with the support of the association "MitOst" and institutes of higher learning in Eastern and Central Europe. Independent project groups at universities and schools from six countries contributed to the project: Slovakia (Zvolen), Rumania (Cluj-Napoca/Klausenburg), Latvia (Ventspils), Belarus (Minsk), Russia (Kazan and Krasnoyarsk) and Switzerland (Aargau). Groups of young students, teachers and specialists researched people’s living conditions and their surroundings and documented them with the help of photographs, graphics and texts.

"Doors Open" has been accompanied by a second exhibit, which adds a Ukrainian dimension to the Swiss project while concentrating on a strictly local case in the city of Lviv. It was the micro-study of "Vulycja Bohomoltsia" (Bohomoltsia Street), a product of the Center’s own research activity over the past years. Descriptive texts, historical images and audio-interviews with current inhabitants combine to tell the story of the historically interesting and architecturally remarkable street where the Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe is located.

Both parts of the coming exhibition should be worth a visit for a wider public, not only for historians, architects and culturologists but for all those interested in the culture of urban dwelling in Europe’s past and present.

For more detailed information on the exhibition please contact Bohdan Shumylovych, exhibition coordinator of the Center, by telephone + 38 032 275 17 34 or e-mail [email protected]

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