Urban Design: Realities

Urban Design: Realities

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Viktor Zotov


March 14, 2013

Center for Urban History, Lviv

A city is more than just a collection of buildings. Even more important than architecture is the space that surrounds architecture and the processes that flow through that space. Construction and process are joined in space – and space results in freedom. If our society aspires to be free, then what is the reason for the clutter and the congestion that marks our streets, squares, and yards? This lecture proposed that we rethink our priorities regarding urban architecture.

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Viktor Zotov

 was born in 1963. He received his degree in architecture from the Kharkiv Engineering and Construction Institute in 1986. In 1988 he opened his private architectural firm and in 1991, organized the Architectural Studio, both in Mariupol. In 2003 he worked at the Artium Architectural Bureau in Kharkiv with Oleh Drozdov. Since 2004 he has been the director and chief architect at Kyiv’s Zotov and Co architectural firm. In 2008 he established the annual architectural fair CANactions, where he serves as curator.

Zotov and Co is a fully contemporary, global architectural enterprise, contracting on projects with international partners such as BIG (Denmark), MAXWAN (Netherlands), EM2N (China), JWA (Australia), KS-Ingenieure (Australia), Transsolar (Germany), KIWI (China), de Zwarte Hond (Netherlands) and others.

The objective of design is process.
The chief principle is to do no harm.
Guided by respect for the rules and simplicity.

This lecture was offered as an initiative of the lypneva.com urban movement, with support from the Center for Urban History.