Theater – A Place of Dialogue

Theater – A Place of Dialogue

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March 28, 2015 / 12.30 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

The 250th anniversary of the founding of the Public Theater in Poland is a good opportunity to reflect on the situation of contemporary theater. During the meeting, among other things, we will talk about: Ukrainian theater in Poland and Polish theater in Ukraine. What can we learn from each other? Do we use one theatrical language? How do we see the Polish-Ukrainian theater cooperation?

One of the participants is editor in chief of the Polish magazine "Theater" Jacek Kopcinski. The October 2014 issue of the magazine was devoted to contemporary theater in Ukraine and was titled "Theater in Free Ukraine":

"A few months ago Hanna Veselovska, a theater expert from Kyiv, proposed the idea of a ‘Ukrainian’ issue of ‘Theater’... Ukrainian writers with great responsibility reacted to our proposal and that is why the most important issues are defined in the submitted texts and interviews. On the level of national culture, the social role of theater, the functions of new drama, theatrical tradition and experimentation by young directors, the needs and expectations of the audience, the relations between the theater and the government and relations with the state, which has only begun to change, and which has to defend itself from the threat of separatism."

The event is organized by Drama.UA the First Stage of Contemporary Drama.

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