Symbol of Quality

Symbol of Quality

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January 23, 2016 / 16.00

Center for Urban History, Lviv

The third book from the "Lviv po polsku" series, entitled "Symbol of Quality" written by Ksenia Borodin and Ivanna Honak will be presented.

Thousands of people create a city yet history only remembers the names of a few. Usually skilled military or brave partisans, especially wise or cruel rulers or unfortunate victims live longest in our collective memory while modest builders remain in the margins. If architects or sculptors get a mention in the general description of their associated work, then the entrepreneurs who supplied materials for its construction, usually never get a mention.

Lviv is an exceptional city which thankfully remembers its builders, conserving their signatures in entry ways, on tiled staircases, in multi-colored stained glass windows, and metal vaults. Everywhere - from manhole covers to the luxury marble, from the bars on basement windows to religious sculptures and murals - you can find the names of companies and individual artists which serve as a unique symbol of quality. Each of them, to the extent their talent and opportunity made possible, worked to create the Lviv of their dreams, using their names to guarantee a high level of workmanship.

Ksenia Borodin

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of International Personnel Academy, and teacher at the Ukrainian Catholic University and the M. Hrushevsky Prycarpattian Institute of the Inter-regional Academy of Personnel Management

Ivanna Honak

Lviv tour guide and lecturer at the M. Hrushevsky Prycarpattian Institute of the Inter-regional Academy of Personnel Management, she successfully defended her thesis on the economics of tourism.