September '39: Cinema News Chronicles of Four Countries

September '39: Cinema News Chronicles of Four Countries

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October 19, 2009 / 6.00 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

On 1 September 1939, Hitler’s Third Reich attacked Poland from the West and the Second World War began. Based on an agreement with Nazi Germany, two weeks later, on 17 September, the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the East.

Center for Urban History screened historic film footage from those times from the following four countries: the USSR, Germany, Poland and the USA.

The program included:

  • Liberation. The USSR, 1940, 63'
  • Sunday in Warsaw. Poland, 1938, 7:30'
  • The Readiness to Fight of Pre-September Poland. Poland, 1939, 7:00'
  • Fragments of the Chronicle of the Polish Telegraph Agency. Poland, 1939, 1:37'
  • A Chronicle of Warsaw Surrounded. Poland, 1939, 9:24'
  • The Siege. USA, 1940, 9:23'
  • Cinematic Chronicle by the Polish Television Agency from May, 1939. Poland, 1939, 10'
  • Poland in Gdansk. Poland, 1939, 13'
  • The Campaign in Poland. Germany, 1939, 60'

The screening took place at the initiative and in cooperation with the Polish Institute in Kyiv and was a continuation of the "September '39" screening in Kyiv.

The film materials have been kindly provided by the Polish Institute in Kyiv, the Filmoteka Narodowa and the Oleksander Dovzhenko National Center and the project was also supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine.


Сover Image: Defenders of the capital. Warsaw, 1939