Presentation of the Visual Projects of the Center

Presentation of the Visual Projects of the Center

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December 24, 2008

Center for Urban History, Lviv

During several months of the current year the project "Media library of the visual materials from the history of the city of Lviv" was realized in the premises of the Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe on 6/2 Bohomoltsia Street. The project aimed to popularize the information about the cultural heritage of Lviv and make it more accessible through its digitalizing, creating scientific description and cataloguing of the cinema, photo and phono materials that illustrate different sides of the city’s history.

Images, cinema and video materials from the past and present of Lviv allow to recreate in detail the evolution of the modern image of the city, demonstrate the unity of architecture and history and reflect the spirit of the past generations.

Anybody interested can now use our media library for free, and discover what Lviv and its inhabitants looked like in the past, see the evolution and changes that our city went through with time from the old pictures, scanned old maps of the city, documentary and amateur films.

Center for Urban History presented its own visual projects as follows:

  • The Project "Media Library": Video and audio materials about the city life of Lviv
  • The Database "Urban Images": Electronic database of the modern and old images of cities and towns
  • The Database "Lviv Interactive": The map of Lviv available via the Internet
  • The Project "Urban Maps" : Selection of the digitalized historic urban maps

NGO Art and Creativity Group "Shtuka" and the Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe took part in launching the Project "Media Library."

 The Project "Media Library" is supported by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Lviv City Council as a winner of the competition of social and cultural projects of 2008