"periphery's periphery": performance by Yaroslav Futymskyi

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9.6.2021, 18:30

Exhibition Hall of the Center for Urban History

Welcome to the performance by Yaroslav Futymskyi "periphery's periphery" to take place at the exhibition of photographs by Vil Furgalo "Processing 2.0".

As historians, we have been studying the archives and the personality of Vil Furgalo for two years now. We have been searching for a language to speak and write about him and his photography. Although we managed to capture many facts, review many photographs and find the author's original imprints, his biography is still a myth. It can be explained by the fact that a key source of information about his past in the oral stories of eye-witnesses.

This time, we will have an artist searching for his language to talk about Vil Furgalo – through the art performance. Before the show, Yaroslav Futymskyi raised the following questions: what kind of performance can you have at the exhibition about Vil Furgalo? How will the attempt to see and speak, and perform look like? How will the invitation for conversation look like, and how will the attention look like? What will an attempt be to walk from periphery to periphery?

Yaroslav Futymskyi

An artist, lives and works between many cities and Poninka in the Khmelnytskyi region, where he was born. Key art practices include performance, graphic art, illustration, photography, installation, sentimental and political landscape. In his activity, it is important to stay in motion, moving among different places, no institutional affiliation, and the link to subcultures and underground music.

Processing 2.0 is a continuation of the exhibition-as-research of Vil' Furgalo's photo archive entitled "processing" and organized by the Center in 2020; moreover, it is a kind of summary. After all, when the processing exhibition was almost over, we received more than three hundred black-and-white photographs, printed by Vil' Furgalo himself. This finding was the answer to many questions we had during the exhibition-as-research.


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Free entrance

The exhibition is implemented within the Going Out to the City: the Lviv Street and Artistic Practices of the Early and Late 20th Century project supported by the Lviv City Council and the Focus on Culture program.

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Cover image: Photo by Vil Furgalo // Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History

Gallery: Bohdan Yemets