Leopolis 1527: Rebirth from the Ashes

Leopolis 1527: Rebirth from the Ashes

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June 3, 2014

Center for Urban History, Lviv

The project "Leopolis 1527: Rebirth from the Ashes" is an attempt to create alternative tools to learn historical lessons. It is an attempt to draw the Lvivians’ attention to the history of their city and to re-conceptualize the multinational, multicultural core of Lviv authenticity.

During the event, participants will learn and be able to contribute to the development of the educational game "Leopolis 1527" and will also discuss the topic "Hidden Resources of Local Identity, or Can Strong Cities Exist in Fragile States".

There are many legends about our city. But real stories are more striking than any legend. June 3, 1527, the Great Fire turned Lviv to ashes. From the glorious, rich Leopolis only a few buildings were left. It seemed that the annals of the city would come to an end... But history showed once again that a city is not its buildings. A city is its people. Lvivans of different nationalities, cultures, and religions were able to forget offences, strife, turmoil, and join efforts to resurrect from the ashes the city that we know. Lviv is a city we are proud of.

Initiator of the project:

Maksym Koliada

psychologist, director of the Proventus Center for Educational Innovations, a developer of business games and simulations at Nordic Training International.

“Effective study of history is not learning about what, where, and when. It is simulating experience, closely intertwining facts with personal emotions and inner motives. It is when the story is no longer text but an experience. When the researcher ceases to be an observer and becomes a collaborator. ‘Leopolis 1527: Rebirth from the Ashes’ is an attempt to make people feel involved in the difficult but fascinating history of Lviv…”