Lavriv: Family Histories

Lavriv: Family Histories

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September 24, 2014

Center for Urban History, Lviv

The presentation of the results of the mini-research carried out during the Lavriv Summer School in August was held.

Using the example of the village Lavriv, in the Starosambirskyi district of the Lviv region, we tried to trace the ways that local histories and identites were destroyed, forgotten, and denied in the days when they were disadvantageous. This process can be traced in other areas of Galicia, as well as in the entire area that was under Soviet control.

A comparative analysis of the interviews with the oldest inhabitants of Lavriv collected in 2009 during the first field research and in August 2014 was presented at the meeting. Had the respondents’ "way of remembering" changed? What topics or life events had been forgotten or disappeared from the narrative? Had the interpretation of events changed and how?

The organizers of the school in 2009 and 2014 were alumni of the program Interinstitutional Individual Studies in Humanities.

The opening remarks was made by Dr. Anna Vylehala, a sociologist, graduate of the Interinstitutional Individual Studies in Humanities program and the School of Social Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. She is the author of "Resettlement and Memory. Researching (Un)memory in Ukrainian Galicia and Polish So-Called Returned Lands."

Details of the program of the Lavriv Summer School 2014 can be found on Facebook