History of the Holocaust

History of the Holocaust

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Iryna Sklokina

Center for Urban History

October 3, 2015 / 3.00 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

On October 3-8, 2015, the eighth annual educational seminar for teachers of history and humanities "History of the Holocaust in Western Ukraine and Poland" will take place. The workshop will consist of lectures, discussions, and visits to memorial sites related to the Holocaust in western Ukraine and Poland.

The first day of the seminar will be held at the Center for Urban History and will be devoted to the study of the historical heritage of the Jewish community in western Ukraine and the culture of memory of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union and contemporary Ukraine. On October 3 projects and resources of the Center for Urban History related to the Jewish heritage and history of Lviv and the wider, former Galicia will be presented to the seminar participants. Also, at 3.00 pm Iryna Sklokina will give a lecture "Culture of Memory of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union and Independent Ukraine."

The scope of the seminar is the history and culture of Polish and western Ukrainian Jews before and during World War II. The seminar will be held in Lviv, Warsaw, and Lublin. Participants will visit memorials to victims of the Holocaust on the territory of Poland –museums and memorial complexes on the site of the former Nazi death camps of Belzec and Majdanek, and the newly opened POLIN Museum of the History Polish Jews in Warsaw and learn about its educational programs. Participants will also have an opportunity to discuss the history of the Holocaust with scholars and lecturers in Poland and learn from the experience of teaching the Holocaust from fellow Polish educators.

The seminar was organized by the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (Kyiv) in cooperation with the Grodzka Gate Centre Theatre (Lublin) and with the participation of the Center for Urban History and the support of the American Jewish Committee and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.