Presentation of online courses about the city and culture

Presentation of online courses about the city and culture

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27.10.2021, 16:00

We invite you to the presentation of a series of three online courses on the city and culture. This program offers a view on cultural life in cities through a number of interdisciplinary perspectives; it stimulates new questions and greater attention to the reality around us. Each course serves as an introduction to a certain area of knowledge (cultural history, visual studies, sociology of the city) that is under-represented in the curricula of higher education institutions but are important for creating a more competitive and context-sensitive professional environment. They illustrate key discussions designed to take into account current developments in each industry and, most importantly, use sources and materials relevant to Ukraine's culture and past, thus combining local context and global knowledge production.

Each course consists of ten video lectures, reading lists, digital resources for information and / or practical exercises. The courses will be available on the Youtube channel and the Educational Platform of the Center for Urban History.

  • The course "How to Understand and Read Visual Media?" by Dr. Bohdan Shumylovych (Center for Urban History, Ukraine) covers the theoretical aspects of the visual turn and demonstrates practical tools for analyzing static and moving images. It will analyze the key issues in the field of visual culture and focus on the social role of images and visuality.
  • The course "Money and the Muse: Key Approaches to Cultural History" by prof. Mayhil Fowler (Stetson University, USA) includes ten lectures that introduce participants to the analytical framework of research and study of culture. These frameworks go beyond aesthetic analysis and work with concepts such as "power," "taste," "place," "gender," "networks," "infrastructure," each of which helps to understand how art is created, financed, managed and consumed.
  • Course "Neighbours and Strangers: Introduction to the Sociology of the City" by Dr. Natalia Otrishchenko (Center for Urban History, Ukraine) focuses on the city as a key arena of (co)creation, consumption, manifestation of culture and on those actors who shape it. The course cross-cutting questions will be those that define connections and relationships in the city: why some aspects of reality, community, environment, space, buildings, texts, sounds, visual markers become "your own," whereas others are perceived as "foreign," and some remain invisible?

The event will be delivered on an online platform zoom with live streaming on Youtube available. To attend, please, register.

Presentation participants:

  • Mariana Mazurak, project coordinator, Center for Urban History
  • Bohdan Shumylovych, Center for Urban History
  • Mayhil Fowler, Stetson University
  • Dr. Natalia Otrishchenko, Center for Urban History

The courses are part of the project "Handy tools of culture: an interdisciplinary educational program about the city and art" implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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Top: Auditorium of the Variety Theater "Casino de Paris," 1910s. Collection of Ihor Kotlobulatov / Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History