Urban Sociology and Social Science Courses

Urban Sociology and Social Science Courses

  • Course Duration:
    September-December 2008
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In cooperation with the History Department of Lviv’s Ivan Franko University, the Center was hosting Dr Viktoria Sereda’s Courses for advanced students on Urban Sociology and on Visual Methods in the Social Sciences.

Dr Sereda’s Urban Sociology course was not restricted to theory but analyzes specific examples to foster not only abilities but a habit of practical applications and work among its students. The following topics were addressed during the course:

  • The city as a Research Object. Processes of Urbanization
  • Historical Aspects of Urbanization. Architecture and Society
  • Urban Planning
  • Basic Sociological Concepts of the City
  • The Sociology of Space. The Structure of the City
  • Urban Inequality and Segregation (Social, Gender, Religious, Age, and National)
  • The City as a Social Text. Marking of Social Space.
  • Constructing the City’s Image. The Tourist’s Gaze. Cities in Movies
  • Globalization and the City. The Global City

Similarly, Dr Sereda’s other course, Visual Methods in the Social Sciences, also focused not only on methodological approaches in the research of visual sources but contained a series of case studies of such topics as:

  • Representing Gender
  • Gender Analysis of Advertisement
  • Visualizing the Past (National Heritage and Museums)
  • The City and Memory
  • The Visual Marking of Social Space

The course made wide use of visual sources such as:

  • Photographs
  • Films (Feature and Documentary)
  • Advertisements
  • Museum Collections