The Bernardine Monastery

The Bernardine Monastery

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June 29, 2012

The International Open Competition for Projects Reconstructing the Public Spaces of the Bernardine Monastery Complex in Lviv was announced on June 29, 2012 by the Lviv City Council together with the Center for Urban History and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Individuals and groups of professionals and/or students in architecture, landscape design and/or urban development throughout the world were invited to create solutions for re-imagining the open public spaces inside and around the complex of the Bernardine Monastery in the central part of Lviv. This involves:

  • reflecting the historical, spatial, social and climactic characteristics of the area;
  • preserving the unique existing characteristics of each part of the site and improving its quality with the help of new elements and uses;
  • uniting all parts of the complex with one concept and integrating the given area into the current urban context;
  • improving the area's potential as a space of public recreation.

Fifty additional questions from the participants were selected, regarding the procedure and materials of the competition, the territory of the Bernardine monastery complex, and other matters. The answers to these questions are posted in the FAQ section of the official website for the competition.

Applicants had three months to prepare and submit their projects. The international jury consisted of teachers, architects, scholars of art history and urban studies from Germany, Poland, and Ukraine. The Lviv city council was represented by Lilia Onyshchenko, the head of the Office for Historical Environment Preservation, and Andrian Hutnyk, deputy of the City Council and head of the deputy's architectural commission, and the representative of the ICOMOS union in Ukraine.

In total the competition received 30 projects from 13 countries: Belgium (1 project), Bulgaria (1 project), Great Britain (2 projects), India (1 project), Canada (1 project), Germany (3 projects), Portugal (1 project), Romania (2 projects), Serbia (2 projects), USA (5 projects), Hungary (1 project), Ukraine (9 projects), Czech Republic (1 project).

After discussions the jury awarded the following prizes:
1st place: Budapest, Hungary - Peter Szabó, Eva Deri-Papp, Andras Gazdag, Tamas Karacsony.
2nd place: Lviv, Ukraine - Iurii Stoliarov, Pavlo Morkel, Olha Malynovska, Sviatoslav Babii.
3rd place: Berlin, Germany - Sebastian Rübenacker, Peter Rathmann, Martin Tietz.
4th place, honorary award: Bucharest, Romania - Maria Daria Oancea, Ioana Tilicea, Tudor Elian, Matei Eugen Stoean, Alina Gabriela Panait.

The exhibition of competition projects was opened until November 18, 2012 at pl. Rynok 10 (second floor). All competition projects can be seen on the website:


First place: €3000, second place: €2000, third place: €1000, two honorable mentions will receive €600

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