EHRI Seminar

EHRI Seminar "Documenting the War. Past and Present"

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online / zoom

The online EHRI-Seminar "Documenting the War. Past and Present," is organized by the Center for Urban History to address the challenges of documenting and researching the history of the Holocaust and WWII on the background of experiencing and documenting the unfolding Russian war against Ukraine.

The seminar will take place October, 3-7, 2022 via zoom, consisting of five modules.

The group of 12 participants from Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Italy, USA, and Australia will meet online to discuss the topics of current issues of the Holocaust studies in Ukraine, emergency archiving at risk, collecting oral testimonies on war, and the context of places of memory. Initially, the seminar was designed to focus on the history of the Lviv ghetto and public outreach approaches using digital mapping and storytelling tools. However, we decided to change the framework of the seminar due to the full-scale Russian invasion (details of the initial framework are available in the attached CfA file).


Day 1: Introduction

  • Welcome remarks
  • EHRI network and services
  • Participants projects presentation

Day 2: The City and the Architecture of Memory

  • Jewish History of Lviv as Common Heritage. Commemoration and Public History Projects by the Center for Urban History
  • Panel discussion on places of Holocaust memory in Lviv

Day 3: Archives on the Frontlines

  • Panel discussion on the destroyed Chernihiv SBU Archive (Security Service of Ukraine), emergency preservation of the Holocaust-related archives, and Telegram archiving of the current war.

Day 4: Voices and Testimonies

  • Documentary movie screening "Wordless" (by After Silence, NGO, 2021)
  • Panel discussion on the film and collecting oral testimonies about war

Day 5: Researching the Holocaust in times of war

  • Panel discussion with Ukrainian scholars of the Holocaust

The seminar will be conducted in English (with simultaneous English-Ukrainian translation for part of the panels).


  • Anna Chebotariova (University of Oslo, Norway; Center for Urban History, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • Taras Nazaruk (Center for Urban History, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • Sofia Dyak (Center for Urban History, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • Anna Ullrich (Center for Holocaust Studies at the Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History, Munich, Germany)

Organizational support: Viktoriia Panas, Sofia Andrusyshyn, Oleksandr Dmytrieev.

Questions on organizational matters please address to: [email protected]

This seminar takes place within the framework of European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) supported by the European Commission.

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Cover Image: Screenshot from a video capturing the strike aftermath on the SBU building in Chernihiv on February 25th, 2022 // Suspilne Chernihiv