Map of the City of Inowroclaw

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Map ID: 199
Original Title: Plan miasta Inowrocławia
Localization: Inowroclaw
Year: 1930
Scale: 1:5 000
Publisher: Graphical Establishments "Polish Library". Bydgoszcz
Source: NB LNU I.Franka, 1234 III
Copyright: Science Library of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (NB LNU I.Franko). Lviv
Map of the City of Inowroclaw from 1930
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  • The upper right corner holds the title: “Map of the City of Inowroclaw” (Plan miasta Inowrocławia).
  • Below is the scale bar and scale: “Scale 1:5 000” (Podziałka 1:5 000).
  • The map key is located in the same place: “Explication of colors” (Objasnienie kolorów).
  • The name of the author is given in the bottom right corner: “Drawn by Adam Sielicki” (Rysował Adam Sielicki).
  • The bottom central part holds information on printing location: “Polish Library” Printing Presses, Bydgoszcz” (Zakłady graficzne "Biblioteka Polska" w Bydgoszczy).
  • The bottom left corner holds information on the map’s editor: “Edited by Karol Kopec” (Opracował Karol Kopeć).
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