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Map ID: 170
Original Title: Kaunas
Localization: Kaunas
Year: 1984
Map Size: 98x60 cm
Publisher: The Main Office of Geodesy and Cartography. Moskow
Source: Courtesy of Ihor Kotlobulatov
Copyright: Ihor Kotlobulatov. Lviv
Soviet-era map of the city of Kaunas for tourist use from 1984. The map shows main public buildings and transport scheme in the city
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  • The top part of the map holds the name: “Kaunas”.
  • The bottom left corner holds a key to symbols and abbreviations (Sutartinial ženklai).
  • The map’s reverse contains the following information:
  • The map’s name and publisher: “Kaunas. Tourist Map. Main Administration for Geodesy and Cartography, USSR Council of Ministers. Moscow. 1984” (Kaunas. Turistineschema. Vyriausioji geodezij osir kartografijos valdyba prie TSRS Ministru Tarybos. Maskva 1984).
  • Place of printing: “Factory No. 5, MAGC” (Fabrikas Nr. 5 VGKV).
  • Map’s authors: editor L.N.Škuratovas, consultant N.Petrašauskienė, technical editor S.N.Turs.
  • Photography: A.Mongirdo, B.Baltrušaićio, M.Baranausko, A.Macijausko.
  • Other data: Approved for printing 26.09.84 T – 14660; Format: 60x98; Print run: 40 000 copies; Order 210; Price: 35 copecks; Б- 3227. ©ГУГК 1984 (Pasirašyta spausdinti 26.09.84 T – 14660; Popieriaus formatas 60x98 Kartografinis popieriu; Sp.I. I. Sąl. sp. 1. 1,09; Tiražas 40 000 egz.; Užsakymas 210; Kaina 35 kap.; Б- 3227 ©ГУГК 1984 m).
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