Situational Map of the City of Krakau and its Suburbs

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Map ID: 117
Original Title: Situations Plan der Stadt Krakau und ihrer Vorstädten
Localization: Cracow
Year: c. 1797
Scale: c. 1:12 600
Publisher: Manuscript
Source: Courtesy of the Austrian War Archive, GIh 333
Copyright: Austrian War Archive (Kriegsarchiv). Vienna
Situational Map of the City of Krakow and its Suburbs from about 1797. The map shows the city with defensive walls along with the suburbs and nearby towns and villages
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  • The right side of the map holds the title: “Situational Map of the City of Krakau and its Suburbs” (Situations Plan der Stadt Krakau und ihrer Vorstädten).
  • Below this is the map key/list of objects on the map.
  • The bottom right part holds the scale bar (Maastab von 100 Wienner Klaftern).
  • The lower left part holds the stamp of the Archive where the map is kept.
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