"Days of Yiddish and Culture of East European Jewry" Festival

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February 20-23, 2012.

The festival offered all the opportunity to get to deepen their knowledge of the culture and language of East Central European Jews by attending lectures, master classes, musical and theatrical events, and Yiddish film screenings with Ukrainian subtitles. The Festival’s guests, Leonid Okhochynskyi, Psoi Korolenko, Tetiana Batakova shared their insights on the variety of Jewish languages, the literary and musical world of Jewish culture, the history of Yiddish in Eastern Europe. Classic Jewish films were showed every evening. "Inscriptions for Descendants," an exhibition of Viktoriya Kovalchuk’s photographs of Yiddish-language inscriptions that can still be found on Lviv’s buildings, also opened as part of the festival.

Organizers: The Festival is organized by the Sholom Aleichem Society for Jewish Culture in Lviv.
With the support of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, and the Ukrainian Catholic University.