Awarded Projects

Awarded Projects

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On December 22, 2010 the results of the International Competition for the Sites of Jewish History in Lviv were announced.

About Competition:

The Executive Committee of the Lviv City Council has announced the International Competition for the Sites of Jewish History in Lviv on August 6, 2010.The idea goes back to an international conference held at the Center for Urban History in October 2009 on "Urban Jewish Heritage and History." The main competition consisted of individual competitions for three spaces in Lviv that represent in different waysboth the life of the city’s large and culturally vibrant Jewish community before the Second World War and its annihilation in the Holocaust. The competition had two distinct, but interconnected purposes. First, to respond to the growingawareness of Lviv's multiethnic past by contributing to the rediscovery of the city's Jewish history and heritage through creating public spaces dedicated to the city's historic Jewish community. Secondly, to seek ways to re-design these three open public spaces in such as manner as to improve the quality of life for the contemporary inhabitants and visitors of Lviv.

Winners and Awarded Projects:

Synagogue Square Site

1st Prize
Dipl. Ing. Landscape Architect Franz Reschke Frederik Springer, Paul Reschke, Berlin, Germany
2nd Prize
Yuri Stolarov, Paul Mokrel, Roman Belbas, Olha Malynovska Lviv, Ukraine
3rd Prize

Honourable Mention

Moomoo Architects Jakub Majewski, Łukasz Pastuszka, Tomasz Bierzanowski, Bartołomiej Skowronek, Miriam Otero, Martyna Szymańska, Monika Komendacka, Zhenze Huang, Lódź, Poland

Honourable Mention

Markian Kossak Lviv, Ukraine

Honourable Mention
Żaklina Nowodworska, Michal Podgórczyk, Gdynia, Poland

Competition "Besojlem Memorial Park"

1st Prize
Ronit Lombrozo, Jerusalem, Israel
2nd Prize
             not awarded
3rd Prizes
Michelangelo Acciaro, Nora Lau Milano, Italy
3rd Prize
Danylo Shvets, Andriy Zinkevych, Stepan Glukhovetsky, Lviv, Ukraine
3rd Prize
Gerhard Rennhofer, Gerhard Hauser, Vienna, Austria

Competition "Yanivsky Camp Memorial Site"

1st Prize
Ming-Yu Ho, Ceanatha la Grange, Wei Huang Irvine, California USA
2nd Prize
Carmela Canzonieri, Emanuele Cassibba, Luigi Vella Aggius, Benjamino Faliti, Giovanna La Rosa, Vittoria, Italy
3rd Prize
Stefan Jan Cichosz, Berlin, Germany

Honourable Mention

FDKV Fedchena Nazar, Lviv, Ukraine

Honourable Mention

Yuri Stolarov, Paul Morkel, Roman Belbas Lviv, Ukraine

Awarded projects came from Ukraine (5), Poland (2), Italy (2), Germany (2), Austria, USA, and Israel.

70 projects from 14 countries took part in the competition.

From February the projects will be exhibited at the Center for Urban History. Please follow our web-site for further information.