Market Square (Rynok Square)

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Market Square (Rynok Square)
Rynok Square is located at the exact center of historic Lviv. In some ways, the square is quite typical, an elemental part of the arrangement of any European historical town of its type. Yet each town square bears its own singular architectural markers which prove crucial in lending a city its particular identity. Among “walled cities”, Market Square was the largest of these urban areas in which the civil, political, and social functions of city residents were concentrated – home to an endless array of activities and events. At the Square’s center sits the city’s most recognizable structure – and home of the City Council – the Town Hall (Ukr., ratusha). The square encompassed the most highly valued properties within the city, residences constructed for Lviv’s wealthiest families by noted architects of the day.
R. Yakymenko
R. Yakymenko
Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Львів. Площа Ринок

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