The Chapel of the Boim family

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The Chapel of the Boim family
The Chapelof the Boim family constructed in the early 17th century on the grounds of what was a city cemetery; this quaint structure was originally intended for use as a crypt by the Boim family. George Boim, a Lviv merchant and moneylender of Hungarian origin, started the project and his son, Paul-George, put the finishing touches on what would become a permanent feature in Lviv’s stunning centre. The side of the chapel is decorated with fretwork that gives the impression that the entire structure has been turned inside-out. Fresco portraits of George Boim and his wife Jadwiga can be viewed from Halyts’ka vul. The site has been protected by UNESCO since the 1970s.
Chapel, Latin-rite Cathedral, house, Halytska St., tower, city hall tower
Borys Mindel
"Radianska Ukraina", Kyiv
Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Каплиця Боїмів - пам'ятка архітектури ХVII ст.

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