Terms of Use

Terms of using information (textual, photographic, cartographic, video, and audio) from the website of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe (Center for Urban History).

Information placed on the website is protected by the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights". Visual materials have been placed on the sites of internet projects with all rights reserved, and are protected with watermarks bearing the logo of the Center for Urban History or the inscription Lvivcenter.org

1. All information from the website www.lvivcenter.org can be used for private (non-commercial) purposes, under the following conditions:

When using information from the website, providing a hyperlink to www.lvivcenter.org is obligatory.

When using textual information from the web projects "Lviv Interactive" (LIA)"Urban Images Database" (UID)"Urban Maps Digital" (UMD)"Urban Video Digital" (UVD) the user must mention the author of the text, the copyright holder, and the fact that this material belongs to the collection of the Center for Urban History.

2. Use of visual and textual information from the website of the Center for Urban History, directly or indirectly aimed at financial gain is prohibited

Use of materials for other purposes is possible solely with written agreement of the Center for Urban History.

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