Urbanism and Feminism

Urbanism and Feminism

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Svitlana Shlipchenko

Kharkiv School of Architecture, Institute of Philosophy at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

October 10, 2019 /6.00 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Welcome to the presentation lecture on the publication "Urbanism and Feminism" published within the activities of the Center for Urban Studies.

The texts collected in the book add a special perspective to the vision of the cityscape since they include opinions of researchers representing various areas of humanities. The use of methods of contemporary gender and urban studies enables unexpected angles of everyday routines of men and women within the public space. At the same time, it highlights the peculiarity of managing the space. It is about city planning and housing design, about the experience of urban life. On the other hand, it is about the representation of the experience in literature. The collection contains two conceptual "wings" to view the city and its spaces - "Feminist Urbanism" and "Urban Feminism". However, they share the same angle of the gender-sensitive lens.

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Svitlana Shlipchenko

Candidate of Philosophy, with an architectural background; coordinator at the Center for Urban Studies, former director for research and educational programs of the CUS at the NaUKMA (2015-2018), lecturer in the Kharkiv School of Architecture; senior research fellow at the Institute of Philosophy at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; graduate of the Fulbright Academic Exchange Program (2002-3); member of the City Planning Council at Kyiv city State Administration. Author of books: Architectural principles of postmodernism (2000) and Recorded in Kamin: Brief Interventions into the History and Theory of Architecture (2009); compiler and author of collections: (Un)satisfaction with Public Spaces (2017); City and Upgrading (2013), Anatomy of the City (2012). Research focus: urban studies, gender and feminist studies in architecture, philosophy of art and architecture, urban anthropology.

The publication was made possible due to support of Heinrich Boell Foundation Kyiv Office Ukraine.


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