The Story of Mina Deutsch

The Story of Mina Deutsch

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May 7, 2012

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Andrii Pavlyshyn presented the book "Mina's Story. A Doctor's Memoir of the Holocaust".

This autobiography is a true story covering the years of the Holocaust spent in hiding, as well as the postwar years. Despite her many losses, suffering, and wandering, Mina had an enormous strength of spirit and love for life, which inspired those around her. In the difficult conditions of hiding, she raised her daughter, and was able to eventually realize her medical skills. Mina's strength is undeniably a model for future generations. The book is addressed to a wide audience.

Andrii Pavlyshyn

Historian, Lecturer in the Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Ukraine at the Ukrainian Catholic University, human rights activist, journalist, publicist, editor, television host, successful translator of Polish prose and English-language journalism and scholarly texts. For more information, please contact Oleksandr Nazar: 093-6240486, Press Center of the Lviv Sholem Aleikhem Jewish Culture Center.