'Night on Earth'

'Night on Earth'

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May 11 , 2011 / 6.30 pm

Exhibition Hall, Center for Urban History

A film to accompany the Places 2001-2011 exhibition will be screened in the Exhibit Hall of the Center for Urban History.

Night on Earth (USA, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, 1991)
Director: Jim Jarmusch
Language: English, with Ukrainian subtitles

A varied collection of cities from around the world are seen in the famous American director’s film. Five short stories give us insight into the night life of New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, and Helsinki. The protagonists are cab drivers and their passengers. Night journeys in big cities create the most unlikely alliances. Sometimes these pairs find a common interest, sometimes one needs help, and sometimes the parties are so different that only death can cause one to finally pay attention to the other. The film Night on Earth is a good example of Jarmusch’s style—it contains a lot of humor and irony, some sadness and a touch of absurdity.

No Charge for Admission