Akad. Bohomoltsia Street Festival

Akad. Bohomoltsia Street Festival

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August 29, 2010 / 5.00 pm

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Center for Urban History of East Central Europe invited everyone to the Akad. Bohomoltsia Street Festival.  A stage was set up in the outer courtyard, with seats for viewing.  The main events took place there, the principle components of which was architecture, a pleasure which was inseparable from historical recollection, and music. The entire street’s architectural ensemble, in the style of early modern (secession), became a natural backdrop for narrations about the history, present day, and future of this corner of Lviv.

The festival program included:

  • Music popular in the 20th century, performed by the chamber orchestra "Virtuoso Lviv";

  • Recollections about the architecture and street’s residents (among whom are many prominent figures);

  • Theatrical etudes, quizzes, games for children and adults, prizes;

  • Tasting of champagne and fruit in chocolate;

  • Retro-photography;

  • Inauguration of a commemorative informational plaque about the street;

  • Presentation of ideas and initiatives regarding the street’s future;

  • Appearances of specially-invited guests, including the great-granddaughter of Academic. O. Bohomoltsia, after whom our street was named;

  • Show of a video-selection "ASecretUnderstanding" by British agency "Forma" (created for an event on London’s Trafalgar Square in 2007), which will be demonstrated by Media-Depo within the framework of Actual Art week.

The event had as its goals:

  • To present and popularize the results of the micro-study "Bohomoltsia Street";

  • To show how the history of one small street can be a singular mirror of Lviv’s history in the 20th century, and its multicultural heritage;

  • To develop society’s understanding of the importance of Lviv’s historical landscape;

  • To unite the street’s residents and office workers into a good-neighborly community (responsible and full of initiative), which knows not only the past of its closest surroundings, but also preserves its architectural heritage, offers improvements, and looks after the safety and comfort of its place of work and residence.