Key Concepts and Terms of Culturology

Key Concepts and Terms of Culturology

  • Course Duration:
    Fall 2013 Semester
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Bohdan Shumylovych is teaching courses for undergraduates of the Ukrainian Catholic University Humanities Department majoring in "Social Pedagogy" (1 Course) and "History" (3 Courses).

Cultural Studies, or "Culturology", is a diverse field of study examining "living culture", the relationship of the discrete individual and society, the advances and drawbacks of technological culture, the transformation of aesthetics and art, the relation between life and death in various cultures, the mutability of the philosophical paradigm in cultural history, and many other subjects.

Humanitarian Cultural Studies are rooted in the study of history, geography, literary criticism, ethnic studies, religious studies, art criticism, philosophy, and aesthetics. In fact, cultural studies sees the coming together of social factors both functional and purely cultural in character, an ambivalence which results in a multitude of interpretations of culture.

The "Key Concepts and Terms of Cultural Studies" courses aim to engender a concise understanding among students of the methodologies and trajectories revealed at the place where historical science and cultural studies meet; and, employing a historical approach and methodology, to assist student entry into the problematic field of cultural studies. The courses will orient students in this complex field, helping them shape a clear view of the challenges encountered in this discipline.