How to Teach Multiethnic and Transnational History: Ukraine

How to Teach Multiethnic and Transnational History: Ukraine

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Lviv, Ukraine

Deadline for applications is April 15, 2021.

This online workshop is designed for university-level Ukrainian Studies educators, as a platform to discuss multiethnic and transnational approaches to teaching Ukrainian history in their institutions. Through an exploration of new topics and approaches, we aim to further the development of Ukrainian history as a discipline in universities. Participants are invited to present and discuss courses, teaching programs and manuals, and resources for online learning and teaching

Today, the humanities and social sciences offer a wide range of approaches and see the lands of Ukraine from a historical perspective as a space that unites the diversity of linguistic, religious, cultural, national communities. This space is part of European and world history. Nevertheless, in courses syllabi and historical research, Ukraine is still viewed from a monoethnic perspective. Such a model leaves no room for other communities, such as Jews, Hungarians, Romanians, Poles, Crimean Tatars, Germans, or Russians, who have lived on Ukrainian land for centuries. High school and university syllabi present these communities only as minorities or avoid such topics. The multiethnic historical approach allows scholars, teachers, and students to study interethnic, interfaith, intercultural, and interlingual relations. While the transnational approach globally contextualizes Ukrainian history. This approach provides an opportunity to study phenomena and processes beyond national dimensions, such as global economy and politics, intellectual and cultural movements, migration.

The workshop is part of the international interdisciplinary initiative "Teaching Ukraine." The initiative aims to promote courses and curricula about Ukraine and creates an infrastructure for their implementation, and development. Initiative’s workshops intend to create and develop international networks for teaching Ukraine in higher education.


We invite teachers of higher educational institutions, authors, and developers of educational programs and teaching resources to participate in the workshops. This workshop will be conducted in English and Ukrainian without translation. We expect participants to have a communicative level of proficiency in both languages.


To apply, please send

  • an academic resume (up to 2 pages);
  • description of the course/program/resource related to the topic of work (up to 600 words)

Please, send your application to the email address [email protected].

The application can be in Ukrainian or English.

Applications that do not contain the necessary information or are not relevant to the work topic will not be considered. If you fail to receive confirmation of receipt of the application, please contact the organizers.


Department of History and the Jewish Studies Program at the Ukrainian Catholic University

Center for Governance and Culture in Europe, University of St. Gallen

Center for Urban History of Central and Eastern Europe


If you have any questions or for and further information, please contact Vladyslava Moskalets ([email protected]) or Oleksii Chebotaryov ([email protected]).