Monument and Entrance to Museum of Ivan Fedorov

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Monument and Entrance to Museum of Ivan Fedorov

The monument to the first printer Ivan Fedorov, author of the first Ukrainian printed books, was built and officially opened on November 26, 1977. The figure of the printer, which stands on a rectangleof dark cobblestone- is quite an untraditional artistic rendering for that time. The authors of the project were Lviv sculptors Valentyn Borysenko and Valentyn Podolskyi, the architectural planning was done by architect Anatoliy Konsulov. The monument was placed on a square, which was created after the reordering of the square at the foot of the Korniakto tower, between the entrances to the Uspenska church and the government archives of Lviv region, and the streets Pidval’na and Ruska. The backdrop is one of the most interesting sacral structures in Lviv- the Dominican church of the Divine Body, where in Soviet times the Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism was located (now the Museum of the History of Religion).

Monument, Dominican church, museum of the history of religion and atheism, St. Onufriy church, Ivan Fedorov museum
J. Yakymenko
"Radianska Ukraina", Kyiv
20х9 cm
Serhiy Tereshchenko
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In Ukrainian: Львів. Пам'ятник Івану Федорову біля будинку музею історії релігії та атеїзму. Скульптори В.Борисенко, В.Подольский, архітектор А.Консулов. Музей Івана Федорова
In Russian: Памятник Ивану Федорову у здания музея истории религии и атеизма. Скульпторы В.Борисенко, В.Подольский, архитектор А.Консулов. Музей Ивана Федорова

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The monument to the printing pioneer was established in 1977, primarily to emphasize the cultural ties between Moscow and Lviv. Today the area around the monument is known for the fact that used books and other, often rare, things are sold here.
The St. Onuphrius monastery in Lviv consists of a complex of buildings including a church, a belfry gate and monks’ cells which are owned by the Most Holy Saviour Province of the Basilian Order in Ukraine. It is located in the oldest part of the city existing since the times of the Principality of Galicia-Volhynia. The church is one of the oldest monastery churches; it is associated with well-known historical persons (a prince of Moldavia), clerics, members of the Lviv Stauropegion brotherhood, noted architects (Franz Trescher, Edgar Kováts), sculptors, carvers (Andriy Koverko), painters (Luka Dolynsky, Marcin Jabłonski, Modest Sosenko), printing pioneer Ivan Fedorovych (Fedorov). Some prominent figures of the sixteenth-eighteenth centuries from Lviv and Ukraine are buried in the church and near it.

According to the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR number 970 dated 24 August 1963, the St. Onuphrius church was entered in the National list of monuments under protection number 364/1.