Fountain "Svitezianka"

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Fountain "Svitezianka"

This photograph shows a view of "Halytsky" (Galician) Square from the side of the building of the District Court (Batoriya Street 1-3, nowadays a building of the Lviv Polytechnical University in Kniazia Romana Street. In the foreground there is a well with a fountain adorned by a sculpture “Svitezianka” (sculptor Tadeusz Blotnitcki) which stood here until 1950. In the background we can see one of the oldest houses on the square (beginning of the 19th. century) - № 2-3 on Halytsky square / corner Halytska Street. Also visible is the tower of the Latin Cathedral. In the center of the picture there are the houses № 7 and 9 inValova Street. № 7/ corner Halytska St., 21 was built in 1908-1910 by order of the owner Theodor Bałłaban after the project of the architects Alfred Zachariewicz and Józef Sosnowski. After World War I the municipal savings bank was located here and from 1931 this house belonged to the bank. Architect Wawrzyniec Dayczak reconstructed the interior and adapted it for the needs of the financial institution. House № 9 was also built according to the project of Alfred Zachariewicz and Józef Sosnowski. Sculpture decorations of both houses belong to the authorship of Zygmunt Kurczyński. In the interwar period the "Lvivskyi" bank was located in this building.

Fountain, Galician Square, Halytska Street, Municipal Savings Bank, Tower of Latin Cathedral.
Adam Lenkiewicz
"Halytska Brama", Lviv
4,5х6 cm
Leonid Simutin

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The house on Halytska street 20 (old conscription number 330, new conscription number 299) was built in place of the former defensive ditch behind the Halytska gate, in front of the guardhouse. According to the resolution of the Lviv city executive committee number 130 dated 26 February 1980, the house was entered in the local register of monuments under protection number 65-M. Today the ground floor premises are rented by various owners for commercial activities; in particular, “Emporio” clothes shop and a bank are situated there.

The rental house that was constructed under a project drawn up by architects Józef Sosnowski and Alfred Zachariewicz in 1910 is one of the best monuments of Art Nouveau architecture in Lviv. According to the resolution of the Lviv regional executive committee number 130 dated 26 February 1980, the house was entered in the local register of monuments under protection number 66-M. As for today, it is used as a residential and office building; Svit Publishing House, a lawyer’s office and the City Administration of Social Protection of Population are housed there.

The fountain was installed at this place in the 1970s after the redevelopment of a park in Halytska Square. Recently (2008) it has been renovated and now functions in summertime. Author of the design was Oleh Mykyta.