Systematization of Data
8 September 2016

On September, 29, 2016, at 16:00, the Urban Media Archive will hold an open workshop with Vladyslav Pioro on "Electronic Record Keeping and Presentation of Museum Collections: From Standards to Tools".

During the workshop, we shall talk about the content and goal of digitalizing cultural value items in the context of museum work, such as recording processes, presenting the data, etc. special focus will be made on major standards for metadata and data exchange adopted in Ukraine and beyond in the context of digitalizing cultural value items, such as xml-scheme codeUA. In addition, we shall consider details of new methods and tools to compile, transform and present museum or historical data in the electronic form.

Vladyslav Pioro is head of the board of the "Ukrainian Center For Museum Affairs" NGO, Ukrainian public figure, editor-in-chief of the "Museum Space" magazine, member of the board of the "Ukraine 3000" ICF.