Archive objective – to collect, store, research, make accessible, and promote collections and materials that are often left beyond attention of the state archive collections. Theme-wise, the archive materials are related to urban history in its different manifestations, while UMA collections are compiled around the digitized images, films, and videos, city maps, and oral histories.

The archive holdings are grouped around the following topics:

●   visual history of urban life in the 12-21 century (collections of images, cities, and towns)
●   non-conformism and dissidents in the 20th century (photo and video collection)
●   media history of the 20th century (TV and news chronicles documentary stories)
●   industrial heritage of cities in East and Central Europe (images, films/videos, maps)
●   urban everyday routines (private photo collections, amateur and home videos)
●   mapping of cities and historic events (Maps project)
●   cities and urban life in feature and documentary films (collection of films and videos)
●   oral history or city communities and spaces (interviews)
●   art communities in the city and urban creativity (photo, video, interviews, mapping)

UMA – is also the place for analysis of archival data and rethinking of the role of archives in society in general. We study and try to develop new unconventional ways to evaluate, conceptualize, reflect, and use varied archival media and documents. The project does not intend to develop tools to help digitize archival materials. We rather aim at consolidating the community of archivists with academics and the public.

To develop our collection, we work with different institutions and partners in Ukraine and beyond. We focus on digitalization, archiving, description, and creation of virtual digital collections. In addition, in cooperation with research, educational, and cultural institutions we spread historical materials both among experts and the general public. We believe the process would support democratizing of history as a science in Ukraine.

Center for Urban History
Urban Media Archive
Lviv, 6 Bohomoltsia