The archive aims to collect, store, study, provide access to, and popularize collections and files that are often neglected by the State Archives collections. Thematically, the archive’s materials are related to urban history in its various manifestations and perspectives.

The UMA is also a place for analyzing archival data and rethinking the role of archives in society in general. We explore and seek to develop new and ingenious ways of evaluating, contextualizing, displaying, and applying different archival media and documents. The project is not about developing tools to digitize archival files. We aspire to unite the community of archivists with historians and the general public.

In order to enrich our collection, we cooperate with various institutions and partners in Ukraine and beyond in digitizing, archiving, describing, and creating virtual digital collections. By collaborating with research, educational, and cultural institutions, we also disseminate historical materials both among experts and the general public. We strongly believe that this will foster the democratization of historical science in Ukraine.